We created Knight Land Company to provide exceptional real estate options for Oklahomans and Texans

Knight Land Company was founded in 2013. Knight Land Company provides comprehensive real estate services including sales, property & asset management, construction, maintenance, and acquisition of distressed assets to create optimal returns for shareholders.

Knight Land Company is one of the key real estate firms in Texas, Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Lawton, Oklahoma, area. Over an extensive 8-year period, Knight Land Company applied its’ knowledge of property and asset management to negotiate dozens of successful real estate transactions. Knight Land Company’s strength is identifying the right projects, developing a clear vision, and then putting together the right team to specifically execute each project.

Knight Land Company is also committed to redeveloping areas to help redefine neighborhoods and cities by bringing together the community and investors. Knight Land Company will ensure that neighborhoods and local community are true partners in revitalization.

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