One On One Mentoring – Real Estate Investing

Have you ever wanted to be a real estate investor and experience explosive financial gains? This is the 8 hour course for you! Learn the best strategies to generate the most monthly passive cash flow and net worth gains.
After you complete this course we will thoroughly analyze 10 deals for you in great detail to give you the best chance of making big profits before you buy the property or we’ll give you a 100% refund.
1. Buying Income Properties
2. Rehabs
3. Buying Below Market Value
4. Managing Contractors
5. Landlording and Property Management
6. What Really is After Repaired Value (ARV)
7. Note Investing
8. Deeds and Title
9. Loan Types
10. Lenders
11. Insurance
12. How to Reduce Your Property Tax Bill
13. Quick Flips
14. Lease Options
15. Seller Financing
16. Buying Property with No Money Out of Your Pocket
17. Buying Foreclosures
18. Negotiating For What You Want
19. Section 8 rentals
20. Partnerships and LLCs
21. 1031 Exchange
22. Multifamily
23. Investment Indicators


Want to escape the rat race?

Want to replace your salary with passive income?
Have you ever wondered how people just like you become millionaires in a few short years?

Guess what?

You can do all of these things and more!!

For years, co-founder of Knight Land Company LLC, Soddee R. Knight, J.D., has consulted many clients to financial wealth.  He mentors clients one-on-one, teaching real estate investing. Soddee has more than 18 years of successful investing experience. Soddee has been investing in Oklahoma real estate for more than eight years. He will show you the mathematical formulas that he has developed. Utilization of the formulas has caused his clients to grow their wealth. No client has ever lost money on a single deal. Join others and hire Soddee to teach you all the secrets to financial wealth today!

This course comes with a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

If you don’t see real, lasting, exciting change in your financial situation and life… if you aren’t clearly headed down a better and more fulfilling financial path… Soddee insists that you email him and ask for a full refund. He will even cover the credit card processing fee.

PLUS, if at the end of 60 days you still haven’t increased your income AND net worth, He’ll offer you a free one-on-one consulting session to get you back on track.

Meet Soddee R. Knight, J.D.DSC_0009

Soddee specializes in helping his clients achieve a level of financial freedom and wealth that they never thought possible. Soddee’s clients find that he gives them the tools needed to grow and expand their financial wealth and income each and every month.

Soddee was motivated to become a real estate wealth consultant because he saw many people were working harder for money and never becoming more financially wealthy. The thing Soddee most loves about mentoring is showing his clients to earn more money while working less and having more free time to spend with their loved ones.

Soddee keeps his clients accountable by helping them meet their personal wealth and passive income goals.

Unlike other real estate investing programs, Soddee’s real estate wealth mentoring is 100% in person and one on one. The most gifted athletes, actors, musicians, and business leaders in the world have mentors and you should have one too. He will show you how to stop working for money and start making money work for you.

Soddee lives in the Oklahoma City Metro Area with his wife, son, and two dogs shaq and topanga.


In the past eight years, Soddee has bought and sold well over $6.5 million of Oklahoma residential real estate. Soddee enjoys buying residential real estate in need of repair and restoring it to improve the look and feel of the community. Soddee is a graduate of the Charles Barnes Real Estate School. Soddee is a licensed real estate agent and he passed the state real estate exam on his first attempt. Soddee is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (degrees in Political Science and Economics). Soddee earned a law degree from the Southern University Law Center.

Soddee wants to show you the formula to grow your financial wealth today!