Knight Land Company was created to provide exceptional real estate options for Oklahomans & Texans

Knight Land Company was founded in 2013. Knight Land Company provides comprehensive real estate services.

Knight Land Company is one of the key real estate firms in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Oklahoma, Midwest City, Oklahoma, and Texas. Over an extensive 9-year period, Knight Land Company applied its’ knowledge, skills, and expertise to negotiate and complete hundreds of successful residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Our mission is to provide exceptional & professional service to all in the community.

Our vision is to ensure all of our clients own their own primary residence & investment property that will improve the current and future quality of their lives.

Core values

  1. Professionalism;
  2. Produce high quality work;
  3. Create win-win situations for all parties;
  4. Integrity;
  5. Helpfulness;
  6. Friendship;
  7. Fun.

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