Join The Team

Our mission is to provide exceptional & professional service to all in the community.

Our vision is to ensure all of our clients own their own primary residence & investment property that will improve the current and future quality of their lives.

Core values

  1. Professionalism;
  2. Produce high quality work;
  3. Create win-win situations for all parties;
  4. Integrity;
  5. Helpfulness;
  6. Friendship;
  7. Fun.
  • Revenue sharing
  • Buyer & seller leads from brokerage
  • Fun team/family environment
  • You pay NO monthly or annual broker/franchise fees!
  • You pay NO desk, technology, transaction, office, or onboarding fees!
  • 80/20 split for residential transactions ($20,000 cap then you keep 100%)
  • 90/10 split for commercial transactions ($20,000 cap then you keep 100%)
  • Top performing agents will receive an island vacation
  • Easy broker access
  • One-on-one broker training for newer agents
  • For Sale signs (just place your rider in them)
  • Business cards
  • Discounts with local vendors
  • E & O insurance
  • Office use in NW OKC

Contact Us to set up a quick call with the managing broker to determine if you would be a fit on our growing team.

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